Thursday, February 17, 2011

Possessions are like butterflies

Reflecting on Shauna's line of thought in the previous post:
"My thoughts, my challenge, then in this collaboration is how, I wonder would the idea of not having possessions be expressed in something that is made specifically to possess?" 
So the question arose; indeed do we posses objects, especially art, or is part always only owned by the creator. When I create something it comes from within me, very often very intuitive, even for commissioned items. Of course I create to sell, simple cause one needs to life and cause one cannot store all, at least that is how I feel. I need to create and I'm very happy if my creations find loving new homes. I also find that some items need to spend longer near me before I can let them go and some I decide to keep anyway. What happens once the a creation is sold; it's starts a new life at a new house, new stories. I guess in a way part of all my creations stays with me, their history, what they meant to me.

This all interlinks with the idea that started forming in my head for the first bowl. As mentioned in previous posts I came to the conclusion that my first line of thought was not going anywhere and was too dark. I had only realised this when I looked back at the pictures we had chosen as our starting point. Butterflies, light and air was were I wanted to go with the first bowl. Than I read Shauna's post and what better to capture the feeling of not possessing possessions than a butterfly. It all started to connect. I find it very curious to see how our (Shauna and mine) thoughts run along the same lines somehow.

first story-crafter bowl in the making

Last Monday evening I had time to start working on the bowl and while driving to my ceramics group meeting the idea formed more clearly. I had a practical problem I want my bowls to fit in the nice boxes I have made espacially by fair trade in Nepal and a swarm of butterflies is hard to capture in there. Now you say, "Hey girl, think outside the box." But no, don't want to that that, the box is an extra challenge, which will bring another good idea, just have to wait for it to surface. And it did, driving in the car, I thought of a way :-) I'll experiment now to see how I can make it work, but finally the first step is taken, the first bowl emerging.

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