Sunday, May 15, 2011

First bowl finished

Finally, finally here the pictures of the finished bowl.

I'll be making more butterflies for sure, as I like to idea Shauna mentioned of stringing them to hang from the cycling or so. Much like my stars, could be another project for my yearly ceramic week in France.....


  1. This has brought such a huge smile to my face. They are - just and almost exactly - as I had envisioned them. I'll write some more on this though what first arests me is the colours that you've picked - the white and the brown, there's something in these that ties into our autumnal day in the Botanic Gardens back in 2010. Superb creation, Annemiek.

  2. Thank you, Nuala for the comment. Annemiek made a beautiful creation. The ball's in my court now and I'm working on a story which I'll hopefully be able to post up over the summer.